I teach industrial organization, microeconomics, and game theory in the Economics Department and teach business strategy and managerial economics in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.

Courses Taught at Northeastern

Management 6208: Strategic Decision Making (MBA)

Managerial Economics 6208: Economics for Managerial Decision Making (MBA/Masters) 

Economics 4681/7200: Information Economics and Game Theory (undergraduate/Masters)

Economics 5110: Microeconomic Theory (Masters)

Economics 6110: Microeconomics I (PhD/Masters)

Economics 7710: Microeconomics II (PhD)

Economics 7771: Framework of Industrial Organization (PhD)

Prior Teaching Experience - Kellogg School of Management

Managerial Economics 441: Competitive Strategy (MBA)

Management and Strategy 431: Management of Organizations (MBA)

Managerial Economics and Strategy 449: Competitive Strategy (PhD)

Management and Strategy 939: Airline Economics (MBA)

Business School Cases

The following teaching cases were written by Professor Dana and are available for purchase from Harvard Business School Publishing.

“Blockbuster Video,” KEL039.

“The US Airline Industry in 1995,” KEL042.

“ValuJet,” KEL043.

“Launching The Shuttle by United,” KEL041.